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Buy MP3 music on cd from MP3 storage


Like music but think ordinary CD's are too expensive ?  Buy music in the Mp3 format from us!

You must have a computer with a soundcard and a program like WINAMP to listen to the CD's

If you can we suggest you connect your computer to your stereo because we think you have better sound in the stereo (right?)


1 - 3 Cd's 20 $ each +5 $ postal costs

4 or more no postal costs
If you Buy 4 Cd's you only have to pay 50 $

and if you buy 6 Cd's you  pay only 65 $

This price is in USA dollars but
Of course all money is good!!

Just mail and ask how much it would be in your money!

Mail to order and for info about payment


Music Links


Download MP3's


MP3 CD 1


MP3 CD 2 


MP3 CD 3


MP3 CD 4


MP3 CD 5


MP3 CD 6